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Know about high-risk pregnancy

مجله اينترنتي هلو

Know about high-risk pregnancy

تبليغات كم هزينه در سايت هلو
تبليغات اينترنتي در مجله اينترنتي هلو 

Know about high-risk pregnancy

Urinary tract infection in pregnant women, one of the major problems that if not treated early can to premature delivery, miscarriage, growth retardation and anemia in pregnant women lead

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What dangers threaten pregnant women

Pregnancy and smoking
Pregnancy experience is sweet and yet difficult for any woman. Hormonal changes caused by pregnancy, alter the body's physiological structure.

Under 18 and over 35 years old, suffering from an underlying disease such as cardiovascular, diabetes, epilepsy, kidney and cigarettes and alcohol addiction, abortion and stillbirth, add or excessive weight loss, difficulties in previous pregnancies and other factors can be faced with a problem pregnancy.

However, remedial counseling before pregnancy is not always because some women are perfectly healthy and are suddenly experiencing pregnancy complications.

Any bleeding is alarming
One of the problems that women may face, bleeding during pregnancy. It is possible bleeding in the first trimester, second or third occur.

Some women in their menstrual period is delayed and you are suddenly experiencing vaginal bleeding. It can be a sign of miscarriage.

More embryos that chromosomal abnormalities are spontaneously eliminated in the first quarter.

There AUD in the womb, abortion history, age over 35 years, infections, uncontrolled diabetes, uterine fibroids and alcohol and cigarette cases where the cause abortion.

If bleeding occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, due to a bug in the anatomy of the uterus or cervix may be related. Causes coagulation and safety is also in the second quarter.

Ultrasound of the uterus is very helpful in these cases. Ectopic pregnancy (implantation in the uterine tubes, ovaries or in the abdominal cavity) and cause bleeding.

An ectopic pregnancy is dangerous and can cause the fallopian tube to rupture, bleeding and even death.

History of pelvic infection, tubal disease, infertility and in vitro fertilization methods, raises the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Thus, delay in menstruation should be taken seriously.

Placental abruption also be due to bleeding in the second quarter.
Trauma to the abdomen, high blood pressure, short umbilical cord, placental abruption cocaine to help.

Placenta previa can cause bleeding in the third trimester of pregnancy.
If pre-eclampsia and eclampsia turn, will lead to convulsions and even the risk of death

Poisoning in pregnancy (pre-eclampsia) is an emergency
A number of pregnant women with preeclampsia are. Preeclampsia mean high blood pressure, protein in the urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy is associated.


Women more than 35 years, has a history of heart and kidney disease, diabetes, multiple pregnancies and preeclampsia in a previous pregnancy, pregnancy are more likely to poisoning.

At first not-so-severe preeclampsia and high blood pressure and protein in the urine is clear. But this disease is very dangerous.

In addition to these symptoms, women may be other signs such as abnormal weight gain, severe headaches and pain in the upper abdomen that has an emergency cases and patients should be hospitalized as soon as possible and begin treatment.

If pre-eclampsia and eclampsia turn, will lead to convulsions and even the risk of death.

Insulin resistance problems
Insulin resistance is a result of hormonal changes caused by pregnancy. Gestational diabetes is more common in women who have a family history of diabetes, are over 35 years and in previous pregnancies, births with a large baby or history of stillbirth have seen more. Pregnant women in the first visit and at weeks 24 and 28 should be screened.

This will greatly assist the physician in the early diagnosis of diabetes and its control.


Proper diet is the most important in controlling diabetes. Pregnant women should increase their appropriate weight in this period.

Simple Style useful exercise and sports, in which the trunk and lower limb pressure should be refused.

Women who have an underlying medical condition or history of stillbirth, fetal health should be placed under special review.

Urinary tract infections
Urinary tract infection in pregnant women, one of the major problems that if not treated early can to premature delivery, miscarriage, growth retardation and anemia in pregnant women lead.


A disease with symptoms such as burning and frequent urination, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, fever, chills and cut the urine.

Urinary tract infections should be eradicated quickly, because the likelihood of the spread of germs in the upper urinary tract, the kidneys there. All women with these symptoms should see a physician's advice.

Tension headaches
A pregnant woman is not unusual headache. A tension headache it can be known that every day. Migraine headaches are also common.

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